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Canopy Lift Handle Instructions

Canopy Lift Handle Instructions

Slider Canopies

Mark a center line on the horizontal steel square support tube near the rear of the canopy frame. The back edge of the lift handle should be approximately 1” forward of the rear of the square tube.

Notice that there is a left and right lift handle. Center the handle fastener holes on the line you drew. Mark the hole locations with a Sharpie. Spring-punch the center of your marks.

Drill with a #36 drill. Tap for 6-32” fasteners. Test the fit of the handle. For final assembly add a small amount of blue Loctite. Done!!

Tip Up Canopies

On the inside of the canopy frame side panels there is a small flat area between the glass and the angled support. Near the back edge of the canopy side skirt drill a hole in the middle of this flat area. This hole will be the center hole of the lift handle so space accordingly.

Now, cleco the lift handle center fastener hole on the outside of the skin. Mark the fore and aft fastener holes. Spring punch the center of your marks and drill with a #25 drill. Deburr the holes. Use appropriate length 6-32” fasteners and self- locking nuts. Done!!